Who we are - About nobleblood :)

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Who we are - About nobleblood :)

Post by Tallena on Sat Jan 12, 2008 10:10 pm

So who are we and where we wanna go and what to become as a clan.

First i want to tell you who we DONT want to become.

We dont want to become a huge, zerg clan...

Instead we aim to become a small friendly clan, with not just good but great organisation, a clan that helps eachother, knows well how to play with eachother, friendly as much as possible with the other clans and allys of the server....but Strong enough to be respected and able with our small numbers to make real damage and not take any shit from anyone. More like partizans that come when you dont wait for them than an army.

Most of our members have more than one character, some are more expirianced than others, some are just starting and with the help from others catch up eventually.

We help each player individually, so a player that is more active, takes part in clan events etc has more chances to get help.
We organise differend kind of events as a clan, even event you can get money for as a bonus or items as a price for your good work.

We dont go around crying about the unfair things that happen in server, we know they exist and we just try to do our best within our own limits, without complaining.

Since we are from different countrys, we are multilingual, english as the main language, though some of our members dont know it, but there is always someone to translate for you.
All announcments and mails are writen in both russian and english and somethimes in greek too.

We aim to make farming partys for clan, for RB's or mats that are needed to make weapons and armors for our members, and at the same time try to make enough money to eventually get a clanhall.
So any contribusions beside the clan fee are more than welcome. Smile

So this is the last i ll talk about now, is why we will need eventually a CH. Cause this is a pvp game and we want to pvp and war. To do that we need several thing, one and very important one is a CH.

So if you feel that our philosophy and understandment of the game is more or less similar to yours, you are more than welcome to apply and become a member.

Have a great year Smile

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