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Links and Shortcuts - Ssilki i sokrashenija

Post by Tallena on Mon Dec 03, 2007 2:34 pm

Originally posted in by Annushka

I have collected some links over the time I play Lineage2 and want that you know them also. If you miss a link which you think its important to know then tell me and I will add it.
Я собрала некоторые ссылки за время, которое играю в Lineage2, и хочу, чтобы Вы тоже их знали. Если по Вашему мнению не хватает каких то важный ссылок, скажите об этом и я их добавлю.

Lineage2 Catwalk at Ivory-Tower

Market Prices, Loot, Spoil and Statistics - Рыночные цены, Дроп, Споил и Статистика.

Quest Helper - Помошник Квестов


Tanking with TK, Pal, DA and SK - Танкование с ТК, Пал, ДА и ШК
Advanced tanking and AoE
Raid boss tanking - Танкование РБ

Fishing and Life Crystals - Рыбалка и Кристаллы Жизни

Game Mechanics -
Механика Игры
Character Calculator - Калькулятор характеристик
Level Walls -
Character Stats - Статистика характеристик

Here is my list of wellknow abbreviations. I collect it cause I dont understand most time what the people say and so some day I made it. But let me tell you one thing, I dont like abbreviations
Вот мой список сокращений, которые я знаю. Я собирала их, потому что не понимала что говорят люди, и однажды я сделала
это. Но позвольте мне сказать Вам одну вещь - я не люблю сокращения

Prefessions - Профессии

AW - Abysswalker
BD - Blade Dance
DA - Dark Avenger
EE - Elven Elder
ES - Elemental Summoner
HE - Hawk Eye
PR - Phantom Ranger
PS - Phantom Summoner
PW - Plainswalker
SE - Shilien Elder
SH - Spell Howler
SK - Shilien Knight
SPS - Spellsinger
SR - Silver Ranger
TH - Treasure Hunter
TK - Temple Knight
PP - Bishop

Items - Итемы

AA – Ancient Adena
BoP – Bow of Peril
Bsps – Blessed Spirit Shots: dbsps or bspsd also (and so on)
BW – Blue Wolf
DAM – Sword of Damascus
ELS – Elven Long Sword
FP – Full Plate
GHP – Greater Heal Potion
GMHP – Greater Magic haste Potion
GSAP – Greater Swift Attack Potion
SB – Spell Book
SLS – Samurai Long Sword
SOE – (Use) scroll of escape
SoM - Sword of Miracle
SpS – spirit shots
SS – Soul Shots: dss, css…
TSU – Tsurugi

Locations - Локации

AC – Abandoned Camp
DP – Death Pass
DV – Dragon Valley / Dwarven Village
ER - Elven Ruins
EV - The Enchanted Valley / Elven Village
FoM – Forest of Mirrors
FT – Forgotten Temple
HV – Hunters Village
IT – Ivory Tower
PH – The Partisan Hideaway
SoDA – School of Darkness
TI – Talking Island
ToI – Tower of Insolence

Various - Различные

af – auto follow
afaik - as far as i know
afk – away from keyboard
asap - as soon as possible
bb – bye bye
brb – be right back
brt - be right there
DE – Dark Elf
fyi – for your interest
gl - good luck
IMO – in my opinion
KOS - kill on sight
KS – kill stealing
LE – Light Elf
LOL – laughing out loud
mt - mistype
OK - okay
OMFG - oh my god
OMG – oh my god
omw - on my way
PK – player killer
ROFL – rolling on the floor laughing
ty - thank you
wb - welcome back
WH – ware house
WTB - want to buy
WTF - what the
WTH - what the hell
WTS - want to sell
WTT - want to trade
WW – Wind Walk
VR –Vampiric Rage
yw - you welcome

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