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Beast Farm spoil

Post by Tallena on Mon Dec 03, 2007 2:29 pm

I have looked at l2wh's drop list and the problem with it is that it only gives monsters a type, 1-4, and sometimes 5, but I'm not sure what that is. After asking a few different bounty hunters, and receiving totally different answers, I decided to make this guide. I had been following their advice and not having much luck. Many hours of spoiling and checking l2wh db have come up with a pretty solid spoil guide, and very simple for the simple minded like myself

One swift thinker told me to use only crystal spice for mobs. Boy was he wrong.
Using crystal spice the only good mob you can get is the Mage 2X, it drops 60% recs for Desparions Staff and Elemental Sword, both at 1/319 probability

Moving on to the golden spice, that slick guy must have been trying to keep up the market prices when he told me not to use golden. It seems as though golden spoil good with almost every mob.
4x melee spoils Phoenix Necklace rec 70% at 1/19 worth 250k, not bad, also Tallum helmet 60% rec worth 3.5m, but no probability yet. Seams as this is a very good mob.
4x mage spoils thons and BW Boots Design both at 1/3, also sealed D/C helmet 60% rec, but no probability on that yet. This is also a very valuable mob.
2x mage spoils 60% rec Bloody Orchid at 1/319, worth 3.5 mil or so
2x melee spoils 60% rec Blood Tornado at 1/332 worth 2m, I wouldnít say this is worth spoiling

I tried for a long time and couldnít spoil enough of the 1x mobs to say anything for sure, and there is a 2x mage on l2wh that spoils a 60% rec for tallum blade, and I could not find this mob.

My conclusion, is to use golden spice and go to 4x, they drop a good amount of adena and lots of misc. stuff, with descent probability to get a 60% rec. I have gotten 4 60% recs in the 2 days that I have been there. The first day I had no clue what to spoil, and the second I spent making this guide. Total of 12-16 hours spent, Now that I know what to do, Iím sure it will be faster. Smile
PS, donít run from mages, not only will they nuke you from afar, but they can root you and keep nuking, I know from experience

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